Wealth Management and Cross Border Financial Advisory Services We Are Solutions People

For more than 25, years we have helped our clients navigate their most challenging financial decisions by focusing on what is important to them. The things they want do, the things they aspire to have and their dreams for the people they love. It is deeply personal, as are our services.

We have helped families plan for their children’s education, plan for the day when they no longer go to work and plan for the transition from their home to an elder care facility. We have helped them plan for life’s inevitable curve balls – the premature death, the critical illness, the errant child, the marriage gone south, the complexities of a second marriage, and the often overwhelming issue of estate planning. Along the way, we have helped them structure their affairs to minimize the taxes they pay both today and on their exit date.

So what are your unique challenges? What keeps you up at night? What are your dreams for the future? We are solutions people and we are here to help. To find out how, we invite you to call or book a meeting.